Friday, February 14, 2014

Engaging Thinkers

Moving into a new educational environment makes me think that it is the same challenges, just a different setting.  Engaging students is important part of education but making sure that we pull from how they learn and how the information is relevant is even more important.

As educators we always look at pedagogy, design, and implementation of courses.  With an organized hierarchy of learning, students will benefit from the time spent on using a backward design with healthy outcomes.   We need goals, objectives, theories, tools, activities, etc in order to make sure a student has a way to access information.  It is overwhelming to think of what is needed to help a student succeed which always brings on the questions about class size, individualized education, and how can we ensure all students are maintaining the same information.

Bottom line:  Educators need to keep students in mind and create ways for them to be a part of the planning,  developing, and learning of any information shared with them.  Hmmm....sounds like gaming to me.

Next; I am going to start to reach how gaming can be a success in any classroom!  Stay tuned and join the conversation!

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