Sunday, July 17, 2011

Even in Traffic

Yesterday I traveled to Myrtle Beach South Carolina with my husband and three children.  It was not a pleasant ride as we left at 7:00AM and arrived in SC at 6:30!  It does not normally take us 11 hours to get here, but my 2 year old son vomitted twice within four hours which made us stop and lots of TRAFFIC!   During the first hour and half wait in traffic I looked around my car and noticed something that never really made me think twice until now.  My husband was listing to a podcast from a Philadelphia morning show, my older son was watching a movie on a computer, my daughter was playing with a Leapster, my 2 year was playing a game on my other son's DS, and I was looking at FB on my phone!  We were three lanes deep in traffic and yet we still were connected to games, entertainment, and friends with the devices in our car.  Driving to MB is something we do each summer and bring most of these items, but it was seeing my 2 year son turn the DS on, play a game, and show me a picture of himself that made me realize just how technology truly influences the decisions we make on a daily basis. 

For example a question came up, "Where should we get crabs this week?" My older son says,"Lets Google it."  Where can we go fishing?  Lets Google!  What time is that place open?  You get the point!  All of the decisions we make are influenced by the technology we keep in our company so I would suggest to keep good company as it can make for an interesting daily plan:)