Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Fresh New Start

      I have not written in a while as I needed some time to reflect, relax, and breathe before moving forward in all that we do daily.  Recently I helped organize a 5K to raise funds for a scholarship program for my school  Just like the race it was quick and before you knew it, we were cleaning up.  All the planning, prepare, and anticipation over in less then an hour.  So then I was thinking, isn't it true for everything.

      All the planning we do for students in hopes that we will cover everything, as teachers we still have the "Next time I do this list" which helps improve the instruction for the next students.  As we begin to flip, differentiate, and co-teach teachers need to look at the learners first.  We need to know the parameter  of learning for each child to ensure they are receiving the best instruction.  Does that take time?  YES!  Is it extra work?  ABSOLUTELY!

      In the end we need to think of ways to make sure each child reaches their potential and as teachers we are the ones  to make sure it happens.  If we think of all the tools, strategies, collaborations, tips, and tricks right now it is overwhelming.  However, just like the 5K.  It is about endurance.  It is about finishing the race.  It is not about how quickly or if you barely made it; it is about giving it your all to make things happen.  I can see that now!

This time away from blogging has given me the chance to see how I can be more open and transparent to all.  As we continue to share and collaborate, we need to know that all the daily craziness that we feel is worth it in the end;  just like crossing the finish line!!