Friday, August 31, 2012

Out of Our Minds

Recently as a staff we were asked to read the book Out of Our Minds by Sir Ken Robinson.  I have to say the book supported the idea of keeping creativity in school, but also ignited the inspiration I needed to start to think more out of the box.  I need to develop a shape for myself and how it will define me.  Do I want to inspire others by my actions or try to be innovated in creating something so amazing for my staff.

I am also reading Reflective Educator's Guide which is assisting in developing a teacher inquiry question that I need to study this year.  This is were the two books are colliding and forcing me to rethink how I have done things in the past!  I will continue to build my skills by being a part of my online communities but also try to get staff members as my school to see the benefits of building a a creative network of online supporters!

What do you do to be creative?? How does that transfer in your instruction??
Share your thoughts!