Monday, November 7, 2011

Learning Styles

What type of learner are you?  Have you ever thought about how well you learn? Well how about our students?  All students learn differently!  Therefore in order to level the playing field for all students we need to focus on how they learn.  There are many schools of thought on learning styles but there are three specific ways to learn.
    1.  Auditory--will understand by hearing
    2.  Visual--will understand by seeing
    3.  Kinesthetic ---will understand by doing

I am a kinesthetic learner and I always need to "touch" in order to capture concepts in my head.  I am so kinesthetic in all that I do, I even need to touch the keys to make sure I have the right ones.  I walk through stores and grab clothes to feel them so I know the kind of material.  If I was a visual, I would read the tag!

Another idea of learning are Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences.  He believes there are 8 different ways to learn.  We are not limited to just one type of intelligence as there are different levels of learning.
Gardner is a teacher at Harvard and has been studying this topic for a long time!

Please come to our Parent Learning Sessions to get more information about learning styles and how to connect the styles to each child to maximize learning!