Thursday, November 29, 2012

Professional Learning Networks

A professional learning network is a place an educator can go to for resources, content, support and overall educational relationships that will build their own learning. I have learned so much from online communities as many that are a part of the community are willing to share information or how they completed a task to make it easier for you.

I can compare online communities to a child's preschool class. Picture some three year olds  playing by themselves for a little bit until a new person comes. Then without fail  one child will go to another child, "Look what I have! Do you want to play?" Before you know the whole class is engaged in the new toy and sharing news, toys, and other information about themselves. All the information is helpful and because you go to these sites fellow teachers from all over the world will share information. A few that I enjoy following are as follows:

Flat Classroom Project Vicki Davis and Julie Linsday   (May have to be in the classes to join the ning)
Educator PLN    Thomas Whitby
The Future of Education Steve Hargadon
Google Reader
Teacher 2.0   Steve Hargadon
Microsoft Partners in Learning

Check one out or share if you have found a new one!! There are many communities through conferences too so keep on looking and you will see new ideas coming into your inbox!

Comment and share the new communities that you find!