Friday, April 13, 2012

How Flat is Education?

Recently I completed a Flat Classroom teacher certificate course offered by Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis.  These two innovative ladies developed an idea on how to connect students around the world while learning 21st century skills.  This did not happen over night, but they recently released a book with all the steps needed to complete tasks of becoming active in a Flat Classroom.  This opportunity was enlightening as it gave me more insight on collaboration in a virtual world and how to compromise, communicate, and problem solve to build stronger connections.  

This idea brought me back to the school I work in right now.  PA Virtual is on the edge of innovation and building new ideas everyday to improve  education for its students.  Our school is flat and will continue to make the connections needed to learn about community and collaboration. First we can make the connections locally within our flat school, then we can move to schools in the US to find a more national connections.  Finally a global connections can only give students opportunities to learn about global issues that will impact their learning and development of their future!  Think of all the connections we can make by just using technologies at our fingertips:  email, FB, Twitter, Wikis.  The list can be endless and the connections can be so great.  There is a world out there full of willing teachers and students that want to learn about different places and we can make those connections.     As teachers we always make decisions that will improve instructional practices that will enhance a student's learning environment.  Innovation happens in education everyday and I feel we need those in charge of making policies to understand why and how.  April is Advocacy month at ISTE and as a member of the ISTE Voices Carry Advisory Group I feel it is important that we are aware of decisions and make our voices heard as they will change education for the better!  Share with me your experiences of how we can make education better and what steps you have taken for this improvement!!