Thursday, September 8, 2011

Parent Learning September Glog

Setting the Perfect Goal for a School Environment

September is always a fun month for me as I enjoy the beginning of a new school year and the excitement of new challenges. I know a school geek! Ever since I was little I enjoyed going school shopping for supplies and a new school bag. Even now I love going into Staples and look around especially at the writing utensils.....who can't use a new pen! I have always set goals for myself and have taken the opportunity to share that idea with my children. We need to understand the difference between long term and short term goals. The long term goals last about six months to a year and the short term goals should help you achieve the long term goals. This year my long term goal is to assist teachers and learning coaches embrace new technologies available to make tasks easier but also engaging to its audience. My short term goals are associated with the long term as I am going to create wikis, blogs, and glogs to showcase new technologies and how they can be used in our daily lives. So what are your goals for the year? Would it be for your child(ren) to process to the next year? Save enough money to take that dream trip? Share your goals as you will find many of us are working toward the same thing......a strong future for all of our students!!