Tuesday, September 27, 2011

October Glog

Utilizing the OLS x Multiple Children= Organized Chaos!

In 1996, Michael Keaton and Andie MacDowell started in a movie called Multiplicity. It is about a man that learns how to multiple himself to do chores and such for his wife so he could do whatever he wanted. It turned out to be a problem and the husband learns that he needs to give all he can with the one person he knows best: himself.

Now wouldn't that be wonderful to multiply yourself to help get everything done that needs to get completed in one day. I don't know about you, but I am OK with the basics such as dishes, made beds, dinner made, some playtime, reading at night, and off to bed. Now that September is over, which I can't believe,  we can focus our energy on moving forward and utilizing the tools we have for instruction. I hope you took September to understand the curriculum, create a small routine, and set goals for the school year. In October we will begin to understand how to utilize the online school (OLS) and how to work with multiple children. Time management and organization is key so we will discuss and turn to our learning coaches for their best practices during our session.

So what are your best practices? How can you make it work? What tools do you utilize during the day? What frustrations do you still have at the end of your day? Please share your responses with our community as we will only get stronger with skills from each other! I hope to see you at the sessions and please know I can be reached at anytime!!