Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Where are your Resources?

I ask this question because I am finding many are stating some type of technology as the answer.  To some point I agree, but I believe resources can be found somewhere right in the next room.

Resources are the people, co-workers, colleagues, or cohorts that surround you are where you go for anything.  From personal to professional, those that we are with everyday are the most valuable resources we can find.  Think of all of the tasks completed on a daily basis and how many of them require the conversation that starts with, "Could you help me with something?"

Today, I had a former colleague call me just to start to network in his hunt for a new job.  He was just asking for another set of eyes to help with his search and to send anything his way.  Why would he ask when I have not talked to him for a year?  The same reason I reached out to friends for new books:  resources!

Resources are the network that we create around us; it is knowing people and understanding their skill set that can be put to positive work.  Resources are more then the hardware we use everyday, but it is the places we hear about that we start our research.  Before you start to think about changing, moving, reorganizing, begin with the resources around you.  I feel that my strengthens have been built from the network of educators around me and I am grateful for everything I have learned from them.

Before moving on to the next task on your list, thank your resources because you just don't know when they may change!  So tell me; who is your best resource??

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