Friday, March 22, 2013

How Much Do You Love Technology?

Technology plays such an important role in my life that I believe I just take it for granted! My job at the PA Virtual Charter School in which I need computer and internet to complete my daily responsibilities. In my educational career, I am taking classes online at the University of Scranton where I need a computer, internet, username, and password to access my weekly tasks. Then there is my personal life: Whew! What I would do without my phone or iPad! Depending on such an easy tool can certainly distract you from what is going on around you. It drives me nuts to see people staring at their phones and not interacting with each other at sporting events, kids games, or even sitting in restaurants with their families. However, if used properly it could be a great educational tool for students. Recently Allison Morris from contacted about something I wrote on this blog about technology. She gracely shared a graphic that was created by and said to let us all view it. It gives some statics about the use of technology and how it can benefit students if used properly. I find it interesting and very thankful that Allison reached out to me! Comment on your thoughts of this graphic and how it relates to your classroom! Please Include Attribution to With This Graphic
What do we Know Infographic

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