Monday, December 10, 2012

Tech the Holidays

Over the weekend, the leaders of SEPACT held a session called Tech the Halls.  Brandon Lutz and Brooke Mulartrick lead the organization to a sharing that was held for SEPAECT.   This organization has been working to share ideas with other tech loving teachers in such a way that the use of new tools will assist in student centered learning.

I want to thank everyone that attended the session and shared tools that will assist in instructional practices.
That is what the holidays are all about:  sharing new toys!

Enjoy learning about new information!
Mentimeter--track answers in real-time

KanBan2go--create a to-do list that can be shared with others it is a search tool for lessons, resources, quizzes- it’s great for finding content for teachers.

Slide speech- narrate your Powerpoints - create a PPT and then type what you are going to say in the comment section... upload

Readwrite in chrome browser will add a full set of tools for Google Docs... vocabulary and dictionary and more. It is an extension for Google Docs and can be added to Chrome. Play Pause and Stop buttons... reads and can translate... great for ELL.

Chrome Brower tools: You can go to the Chrome store and add information to your browser.

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