Monday, September 19, 2011

Mid Way Through September

Congratulations for making it to this point in September! I am sure you have enjoyed your weekends as they have given you time to relax and refocus your goals for each week. During an Enrollment Experience last Friday I over heard Beth Santangelo, Director of the Parent Ambassador Program, tell a family to write down three goals as to why you have chosen to enroll at PA Virtual. She said then on those days that are challenging you go back to those goals to remember the reason for this adventure. Personally, I think this advise Beth gave to the families was perfect as we can always loss site of what is important to us while in the thick of our daily activities.

I challenge you to try this activity tonight in two different ways. First as a family discuss what the goals are for your family and write them down. Hang them in a place where it can be seen by all. Secondly write down the goals of why you have decided to enroll you children at PA Virtual. We all know why we want them to receive a solid education, but why does this environment seem to work for you.

We will continue to venture down this road each month, week, or even day together and remember to keep those lines of communication open so teachers, FSCs, guidance counselors, and more can build a foundation each child's education!

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